Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Sun – Aug 05, 2018


*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, Address shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.*** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Warrant Arrest – Arrested
2:40 am
00 Santa Barbara Ave
Officers responded to a report of vandalism. The witness reported that the suspect, her son, was being belligerent and aggressive. The suspect had also angrily hit the inside wall of her house. The officers successfully detained the suspect and a computer check revealed an arrest warrant for the suspect. The suspect was arrested.

Threats – Warrant Arrest – Consuming Alcohol in Public – Arrested
6:28 pm
1200 Irving St
Officers responded to a report of threats. The victim, a manager of the store, reported that the suspect had attempted to shoplift but was stopped by the victim. The suspect then threatened to physically harm the victim while holding a weapon in his hand. The officers successfully located and detained the suspect. A computer check on the suspect revealed an arrest warrant. The suspect was arrested.

Traffic Violation – Warrant Arrest – Suspended Driver’s License – Arrested
1:46 pm
18th Ave & Lincoln Way
TNT observed a vehicle with a broken brake light. A computer check on the vehicle revealed an expired registration, despite a current registration sticker visible on the vehicle. A traffic stop was conducted and a computer check on the driver revealed that his license had been suspended. An arrest warrant, due to driving on a suspended license, had also been issued from San Mateo for the suspect. The suspect was arrested

Warrant Arrest
9:58 pm
Taraval St & 19th Ave
Officers were on patrol when they observed a known suspect holding on to a stick, despite a current prohibition from being in possession of any type of weapon or sticks.  A computer check revealed the suspect had a warrant for his arrest. The suspect was arrested.

Domestic Violence
One incident of domestic violence; no arrest made.

Reported 4:00 pm / 3200 20th Ave / items stolen from gym locker
Reported 7:19 pm / 1700 Noriega St / shoplifting
Reported 7:19 pm / 100 Sagamore St / vehicle strip
Reported 1:00 pm / 3200 20th Ave / pickpocket

Reported 8:09 pm / 2200 38th Ave / identity theft

Vandalism to Property
Reported 4:59 pm / 2000 Irving St / vandalism to vehicle

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 8:45 pm / Noriega St & 30th Ave
Reported 9:49 pm / 2000 28th Ave
Reported 1:30 am / Arballo Dr & Pinto Ave
Reported 11:00 pm / 29th Ave & Santiago St
Reported 10:00 pm / Sagamore St & Orizaba Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 3:35 pm / 21st Ave & Ortega St / silver 2001 Honda CRV

Traffic Collision
Reported 12:30 am / Ocean Ave & Granada Ave / Vehicle vs Vehicle – hit & run