Taraval Station

Free “Bait Bike” Sticker!

bike_smallThe Police Department has begun a campaign to actively deter bicycle theft. A number of decoy bicycles with hidden tracking devices have been left locked and unlocked throughout the City. A team of officers maintain visual and electronic surveillance on these bicycles. When anyone steals them, the officers make the follow-up arrests. This effort has been so successful that other Bay Area law enforcement agencies have requested help from the San Francisco Police in their efforts to arrest bicycle thieves.

As part of the campaign to deter bicycle theft, the Police Department is handing out free stickers that feature the SFPD logo and the words “Is this a bait bike?” The stickers are made-out of reflective material and are highly visible. The Department encourages riders to affix these stickers on a clearly visible surface of their bicycles.

The stickers are available for FREE at Taraval Station, so come-by and pick them up! We are open 24 hours a day!