Taraval Station

About Us

all_districts_map_3Taraval Police Station is one of ten patrol stations of the San Francisco Police Department. The other nine stations are: Central, Southern, Bayview, Mission, Northern, Park, Richmond, Ingleside, and Tenderloin. Taraval Police District is in the southwestern part of the City. It is bordered by the Golden Gate Park to the North, Ocean Beach to the West, Daly City to the South, and 7th Avenue down to Interstate 280 to the East. The District has an area of 10.8 square miles and about 163,000 residents. It is the largest and the most populous police district. Taraval has a state university, a shopping mall, commercial corridors, parks, beaches, and public transit hubs. It is one of the most desired places to live, work, shop, and visit. San Francisco police officers assigned to work at Taraval Station are deeply privileged to be part of such an active community.
Patrol Sectors
district_sectors_05There are six (6) patrol sectors in the Taraval Police District. Any police officer can patrol and respond to calls in any sector. However there are officers assigned to each patrol sector as their area of responsibility.
district_beats_07Taraval Police District has three footbeat officers assigned to each of the three major business areas: Irving Street, Ocean Avenue, and West Portal Avenue.


Homeless Outreach Officer
homeless_01Taraval Station is privileged to have an experienced officer who is dedicated to helping the homeless population. Since the District is a large area, there are specific places where a number of homeless people stay or visit. The homeless are exposed to bad weather and are vulnerable victims because they live outside. The Homeless Officer checks on their wellbeing and refers them to social help programs.
Taraval Neighborhood Team
tnt_01The Taraval Neighborhood Team (TNT) investigates any criminal activity that affects the quality-of-life in our neighborhoods. The Team works closely with the Station Investigations Team (SIT) and with City-wide special investigative units. They conduct precision surveillance, watch people on probation and parole, follow-up on criminal gang activities, develop rapport with community assets, and carry-out any special investigation.