Taraval Station

Captain’s Message: September 2017 / 分局局長信息2017年9月

First and foremost, I would like to say “Thank you” to one of our Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) members, John Hughes. This month, John decided to retire from his position. Each station’s captain operates a Community Police Advisory Board consisting of civilian volunteers from surrounding residential and business communities. The CPABs meet with the captain, at least once a month, to discuss issues directly impacting their community. Throughout the years, John had brought to the table many issues that needed to be addressed and thoughtful suggestions on how to fix them.  Thank you, John, for all of your hard work.

I can’t believe September is already here and the holiday season is just around the corner. By now, many schools are already back in session. We want to remind all the drivers out there to slow down near school zones. We ask that parents dropping off their young ones to not double park any longer then necessary for a drop off or a pick up. Please make note of the designated location specifically at this purpose at each school.  Also, please be mindful of neighbors trying to get in and out of their garages and the flow of traffic around your vehicle. Recently our School Resource Officer, Officer Orantes, has also noticed a scary trend where parents are dropping off their child without safely putting them into an approved car seat or in a booster seat.  When the parents are confronted of this, they have given an excuse of “oh, I didn’t have time”, “I was in a rush” or “I don’t live that far.”  Remember it is against the law not to properly secure children in the appropriate seats.  Please take a look at this link https://www.taraval.org/?p=11330 for additional information.

Taraval has seen a reduction of burglaries with a total of 19 incidents in the month of August. However, four of those incidents happened between the hours of 4:00pm to 8:00pm, when the occupants were often at home. In June, we saw a total of 34 incidents and July’s total was 25 incidents.  Although this decrease is good, it is still not good enough. We at Taraval Station will continue to work hard in trying to bring this number even lower.  However, we still need your help. Watch out for one another in your neighborhoods. If you see something, say something! Take a look at tips for protecting your home at https://www.taraval.org/?p=11051.  We have also received several calls regarding a person pretending to be a PG&E employee going door to door and possibly targeting homes in the area for future burglaries.  Remember that a PG&E employee will always carry identification and will not ask you for any personal information. Call PG&E 1-800-PGE-5000 to confirm the legitimacy of the visit and visit https://www.taraval.org/?p=8112 for more info.

We had nine incidents of robbery last month. Three of the incidents happened between the hours of midnight and 4:00 am.  Of the nine incidents, an arrest was made on two of those incidents.  In June, we had 11 incidents and July had a total of 21 incidents.  In most of the incidents that occurred, the suspect saw the victim using a cell phone (either talking or texting) or holding onto something the suspect thought was of value. Don’t walk alone during late-night hours and walk in groups if possible. There is safety in numbers! Always be aware of your surroundings, make note of vehicles following you and avoid places or shortcuts where someone could hide such as vacation lots, wooded areas, alleys and secluded areas. If someone or something makes you uneasy, avoid the person or leave area (walk the other way) and head towards a more populated or safer area. Don’t display expensive items in public!

In August, we had 106 incidents of theft from vehicles vs. June’s total of 149 and July’s total of 148. In one of the incidents, a suspect was arrested.  Remember to not leave items visible in your vehicle even if you are returning in a few minutes.  It takes less than a minute to break into a vehicle and take the property!  Also, don’t leave your garage door opener in your vehicle when you park on the streets.

Recently, we have increased the number of personnel to the foot beat and to our homeless resources. We currently have three foot beat locations; Irving St, West Portal Ave and Ocean Ave.  We are also working with the city’s homeless outreach team (HOT) to address the homeless situation.

As a reminder eastbound and westbound traffic on Taraval St has a lane dedicated to MUNI, taxis only and left turns. Also, there are signs for no left turns on 19th Ave and Sunset Blvd. Certain intersections on 19th Ave also have signs that say no turn on red.  Familiarize yourself with these new traffic signs!

Lastly, while the weather is still good, please take the time to check your vehicle’s tires, windshield wipers and the vehicle’s lighting system. Make sure you have enough treads left in your tires to provide the necessary traction during wet weather.  Daylight is getting shorter so make sure your head lights, tail lights and stop lights are also working properly.  Remember, it is the law to ensure that all the equipment is working properly on your vehicle.

As always, in closing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any concerns, questions or suggestions you may have. Please contact me at Taraval Station 415.759.3100 or email me at Denise.flaherty@sfgov.org


首先,我想向我們的社區警政諮詢委員會(CPAB)成員之一的John Hughes表示“感謝”。 本月,John Hughes決定退休。每個分局局長都有一個社區警政諮詢委員會,由周邊的住宅和商業社區的民間志願者組成。 CPAB與分局局長至少每月會面一次,討論直接影響社區的問題。多年來,John Hughes已經提出了許多需要解決的問題,並就如何解決這些問題提出了周到的建議。 謝謝您所有的辛勤工作,John Hughes。

真 不敢相信轉眼間已到了9月份,假日就在跟前。現時很多學校新學期已經開始。我們想提醒所有駕駛人士,在學校附近放慢速度。我們要求接送子女返學放學的父 母,即使要並排停車(double park)方便子女,並排停車時間也不要多於子女上下車的時間,也請在每個學校特別註明指定的地點。另外,請不要妨礙鄰居進出車庫和注意附近交通情況。最 近我們的警局駐學校警員Orantes也注意到一個令人擔憂的趨勢,父母沒有為孩安裝合符規格的兒童汽車安全座椅或兒童加高座位。當父母遇到查問時總會給 藉口:“哦,我沒時間”、“我趕時間”或者“我不住得太遠”。記住,不為兒童提供妥善及安全的汽車座椅以保護兒童是違法行為。詳情請 查:https://www.taraval.org/?p=11330

八月份,Taraval的爆竊案減少至19宗,其中4宗發生在下 午4時至8時住戶通常在家的時間。在6月份,爆竊案共發生34宗,7月則有25宗。雖然這個下降是好的,但還不夠好。我們Taraval分局將繼續努力, 使這個數字更低。但是,我們仍然需要您的幫助:請您留意您的社區,如果看到可疑事情要報警!請瀏覽 https://www.taraval.org/?p=11051當中保護家居的秘訣。另外,我們也收到了幾宗報告,指有人冒充太平洋煤電公司PG&E員工挨家挨戶叩門,目的可能是為日後爆竊探路。請 記住,PG&E員工總會攜帶身份證明文件,不會要求您提供任何個人信息。致電PG&E以確認該公司是否真有派遣員工,電話: 1-800-PGE-5000,詳情請上網https://www.taraval.org/?p=8112瀏覽。

上月,我們共有9宗搶劫 案。 其中3宗發生在午夜至凌晨4點之間。 在9宗事件中,其中兩宗的疑犯被捕。在6月份,搶劫案共發生11宗,7月共發生21宗。在發生的大多數劫案中,疑犯是看到受害人使用手機(通話或發短信) 或拿著疑犯認為有價值的東西。深夜不要一個人走路,如果可以的話,結伴同行。人多勢眾會較安全!要留意身邊周圍環境,留心是有否汽車尾隨您,並避免行經賊 人容易隱藏的地方或捷徑,例如度假營地、林地、小巷和僻靜地方。如果有人或有任何事情使您感到不安,請遠離該人或離開該地區(走另一條路),並走向一個人 多或更安全的地區。記著:財不可露眼!

8月份,共發生106宗汽車爆竊案,6月有149宗而7月則有148宗。其中一宗涉嫌疑犯被捕。 請記住,即使您在幾分鐘後返回,也不要將財物留在車內,因為不需一分鐘,賊人就可以進入車輛盜取財物! 此外,當您停車在街上時,請勿將車庫門遙控器留在車內。

最近,我們增加了徒步巡警和無家可歸者的資源。 我們目前有三個徒步巡邏區域:Irving 街、West Portal Ave及Ocean Ave,我們還與市府無家可歸的外展團隊(HOT)合作,應對無家可歸的情況。

順帶一提,Taraval街東行和西行交通有一條專線給MUNI公車、出租車和左轉車輛。 此外,在第19大道和日落大道上設有不准左轉交通標誌牌。 19大道的某些十字路口也設有紅燈不得轉彎的交通標誌牌。請留意這些新的交通標誌!

最後,趁天氣好的時候,請花時間檢查車輛的輪胎、擋風玻璃雨刷和車輛照明系統。 確保您的輪胎仍有足夠的坑紋,以便在濕滑天氣下仍有足夠的附著力。 日照時間越來越短,所以確保您的車頭燈、尾燈和停車燈也正常操作。請記住,法例規定您要確保車輛上所有設備正常操作。