Taraval Station

Captain’s Message: Taken from Newsletter – November Week 5

Dear residents and community members,

As you all know, the Taraval has been challenged with the increase in auto burglaries throughout the district. Last weekend, the primary focus was Stonestown Galleria since it was the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Each year, thousands of shoppers park their vehicles in the parking lots and the areas surrounding the mall. Thanks to the coordinated efforts with Stonestown security, I am pleased to report that there was only one reported theft from an auto throughout the weekend. Taraval Station officers and Stonestown security should be commended for their efforts. I am implementing a plan to address property crimes throughout the district.

Auto burglaries can occur quickly, therefore, please take the following preventive measures when shopping in a business district:

• Do not leave any valuable items in plain view, including bags, backpacks or items that were purchased.
• Do not leave a spare key in the vehicle.
• Do not leave your registration or garage door opener in the vehicle.
• Do not leave charging cords in plain view.
• If you must leave something in your vehicle, lock the items in the trunk or rear cargo area.

Please be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity by dialing 911 or 415-553-0123 if it is not an emergency.

Happy Holidays!