Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Thu – Nov 15, 2018

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, Address shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.*** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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8:48 am
2900 San Jose Ave
Officers responded to a report of a battery. The victim, an employee, stated that he had been stocking merchandise when the suspect walk into the store and he recognized him as a habitual shoplifter. The victim confronted the suspect and told him to leave. The suspect responded angrily and spat at the victim before exiting the store.  

4:58 am
Judah St & La Playa St
Officers responded to a report of an assault. The victim reported that he had been asleep on the sidewalk, by a planter box, when he was awoken by the suspect kicking and punching him. During the incident, the suspect threatened the victim and said that the victim had stolen items from the suspect’s daughter. The suspect then left the area.  

5:25 am
Lincoln Way & Martin Luther King Dr
Officers responded to a report of an assault. The victim reported that he was in his vehicle and watching something on his phone when the suspect suddenly walked up to him and punched him in his face. The victim stated that he loss consciousness and when he awoke, both his vehicle and his personal property was missing.  

6:31 pm
200 Winston Dr
Officers responded to a report of a battery. The victim reported that he had opened his vehicle’s door and it touched the fender of a suspect’s vehicle. The victim checked for damages but did not observe any. However, the suspect angrily exited his vehicle and was upset and agitated. The suspect then punched the victim. The victim walked away without further incident.  

1:26 am
300 Monticello St
The victim arrived at Taraval Station to report a robbery. The victim stated that the suspect, a friend, had been living with her occasionally and had taken some of the victim’s clothes without permission. The victim confronted the suspect and the suspect responded by pushing the victim and grabbing her arm. The suspect then took the victim’s jacket and vehicle before leaving the location.

Vehicle Burglary – Possession of stolen Property – Arrested
5:17 pm
2200 Santiago St
Officers responded to a report of a suspect who had just stolen a vehicle before fleeing on foot. Responding officers located the suspect and attempted to make contact with the suspect. As the officers approached the suspect, the suspect walked away from the vehicle and raised his hands in the air without prompting. The suspect stated that the vehicle that he was standing next to had been stolen and admitted that he had been inside the vehicle and tampered with it. A computer check revealed that the vehicle was not stolen and a search of the suspect revealed multiple items in his possession that had been stolen. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.

Reported 4:01 pm / 00 Keystone Way / forced entry

Reported 9:28 pm / 2600 19th Ave / theft from locker
Reported 3:55 pm / 3200 20th Ave / shoplifting
Reported 2:41 pm / 00 Grafton Ave / theft from backyard
Reported 10:30 pm / 500 Ulloa St / package theft

Reported 5:30 pm / 700 Monterey Blvd / fraudulent games or trickery
Reported 5:10 pm / 1500 43rd Ave / identity theft
Reported 4:45 pm / 1500 Sloat Blvd / identity theft

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 10:02 am / 200 Skyline Blvd
Reported 8:50 am / 200 Skyline Blvd

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 4:06 pm / 100 Pacheco St / white 2003 Ford E150
Reported 7:45 am / Lincoln way & Martin Luther King Jr / black 2002 Pontiac Grand prix

Traffic Collision
Reported 8:00 pm / 33rd Ave & Ulloa St / Vehicle vs Vehicle – DUI – Arrested
Reported 2:225 am / 19th Ave & Moraga St / Vehicle vs Vehicle – DUI – Arrested
Reported 4:41 pm / Lincoln Way & 25th Ave / Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 8:50 am / Great Hwy & Vicente St / Vehicle vs Vehicle