Taraval Station

Introduction from Captain Nicholas Rainsford

Hello everyone I am the new Captain here at Taraval Station, Nick Rainsford. Although “new” to Taraval I have over 25 years of experience with the SFPD. In fact I was assigned to Taraval Station as recently as 2015-2016 as a Lieutenant so I’m not entirely new. I joined the Police Department in 1994 and have a variety of assignments mostly in the patrol division. I started off my career as a patrol officer in the Tenderloin District back when it was called TTF, Tenderloin Task Force and worked there for about 5 years. Never a dull moment at the old TTF! I also worked at Northern Station until 2008 when I was promoted to Sergeant, promoted to Lieutenant in 2012 and eventually promoted to Captain in 2016.

I am pleased to be assigned to Taraval Station as for me it is “the old neighborhood.” I grew up here in the Sunset District in the Parkside neighborhood. It’s great to be working where I grew up as the community is near and dear to my heart being a native son. So much has changed over time and some things have also remained the same but what a great place it was to grow up and still a great place for all residents who call the Westside of town home.

My priorities during my tenure will be to make the Taraval District a safe place to live in, visit, drive through, and work in. Our number one priority as a Police Department is always to reduce violent crime. Any person who commits a violent crime in the Taraval District will be aggressively pursued through relentless follow up and investigation. Property crime is also of concern and a top priority. Taraval officers investigate property crime collaboratively with other SFPD units such as our Burglary Unit and our Crime Scenes Investigation Unit to arrest those involved in auto burglaries and home burglaries. We also rely on our community partners who instinctively know when something in their neighborhood is not right so as the saying goes “If you see something say something.” Look out for each other. Traffic safety is also a priority and we will conduct enforcement operations throughout the district so please drive safely. It’s not worth it to get hurt or hurt someone else by not being attentive.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 2019. For much more information about the Taraval District check us out at www.Taraval.org.