Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Wed – February 12, 2020

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** Date of reported incidents are not always the same as date of occurrence. ***

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Vandalism – Warrants – Arrested
10:37 am
00 Merced Ave
The victim reported he had been having an ongoing issue with the suspect, a previous tenant, who had returned to the house and broken a window before fleeing the area. Responding officers successfully located the suspect and a computer check revealed an arrest warrant. A search also located narcotic paraphernalia and methamphetamine in the suspect’s possession. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.

Assault with a Knife
12:26 am
00 Randolph St
Officers responded to a report of an injured victim who had been stabbed. The first victim reported that she had been in an argument with the suspect, her son, when he threatened her with a knife. The second victim, the suspect’s brother, attempted to break up the fight but was injured by the suspect. The suspect then fled the area.  

Domestic Violence
Two incidents of domestic violence; no arrests made.
One incident of domestic violence; the suspect was arrested. 

Reported 11:45 am / 1200 Ocean Ave / forced entry
Reported 11:45 am / 1200 Ocean Ave / forced entry

Reported 9:12 pm / 1500 Sloat Blvd / shoplifting
Reported 6:31 pm / 1300 9th Ave / unattended items stolen
Reported 12:00 am / 48th Ave & Lincoln Way / stolen catalytic converter
Reported 2:36 pm / 00 Diaz Ave / stolen license plate
Reported 4:00 am / 35th Ave & Lawton St / stolen catalytic converter

Vandalism to Property
Reported 9:04 am / 16th Ave & Irving St / vandalism to vehicle
Reported 6:30 pm / 200 Chester Ave / vandalism to vehicle

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 9:00 pm / Lincoln Way & 45th Ave
Reported 11:59 pm / 17th Ave & Irving St
Reported 3:45 am / 1673 18th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 7:50 am / 300 Sargent St / white 2005 Chevy Express
Reported 12:45 pm / 1500 Great Hwy / white 2020 Patriot trailer