Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Fri – July 24, 2020

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** Date of reported incidents are not always the same as date of occurrence. ***

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Assault – Trespassing – Arrested
7:29 pm
3200 20th Ave
Officers responded to a report of an assault. The victim reported that the suspect, who had a previous history of trespassing, was observed on private property. The victim, a security employee, approached the suspect and told him that he was not welcome and to leave the property. The suspect responded angrily and punched the victim’s head multiple times before attempting to unsuccessfully flee. Responding officers arrived at the location and made contact with the suspect, who had been detained by several other employees. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.  

Assault – Shooting into Building
3:45 pm
Randolph St & Vernon St
Officers responded to a report of gunshots. Responding officers arrived at the location and a search revealed several spent casings on the street. The victim reported that she had heard the sound of gunshots and observed a car driving away when she went to investigate and found fresh bullet holes on the side of her home. A second victim also reported hearing popping sounds before smoke came out of the building’s walls and the sound of glass breaking.  

Reported 12:41 pm / 1200 10th Ave / package theft
Reported 2:46 pm / 500 TAraval St / stolen license plate

Vandalism to Property
Reported 8:56 am / 800 Brotherhood Way / graffiti

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 8:15 am / Lawton St & 10th Ave

Traffic Collision
Reported 2:47 pm / 19th Ave & Irving St / Motorcycle vs Vehicle
Reported 2:30 am / Borica St / Vehicle vs Vehicle – hit & run