Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Fri – January 15, 2021

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** Date of reported incidents are not always the same as date of occurrence. ***

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Threats – Brandishing a Weapon
12:01 am
1200 Great Hwy
The first witness reported that two guests were overhead threatening each other. A second witness confirmed that she also heard   a loud argument and stated that one of the parties involved made a reference to a gun being pointed at their face. Responding officers searched the room where the argument originated but was unable to locate a weapon.  

3:15 pm
2500 40th Ave
The victim reported that he had heard the suspects knocking on the door before they identified  themselves as “San Francisco Police”. The victim was suspicious and attempted to confronted the suspects while armed with pepper spray but the suspects immediately fled the area as soon as the victim approached them.  

4:25 am
100 Font Blvd
The victim reported that he had been in the basement of his apartment building when the suspect approached from behind the victim and grabbed on to the victim’s backpack. The victim was unsuccessful in retaining his property and the suspect fled the area with the victim’s backpack.  

Discharging Firearm
7:11 pm
400 Head St
A witness reported that he had heard shots being fired before observing a SUV speeding away from the area. Responding officers searched the area and located several spent casings at the block of 100 Randolph.  

Reported 8:35 am / 3500 Taraval St / entry by force
Reported 10:45 am / 1300 Noriega St / unlawful entry
Reported 10:00 am / 2200 Judah St / attempted entry by force

Reported 8:48 pm / 300 Santa Ana Ave / stolen license plate

Vandalism to Property
Reported 6:33 pm / Quintara St & 43rd Ave / vandalism to vehicle
Reported 7”06 pm / 36th Ave & Lincoln Way / vehicle tampering
Reported 11:17 pm / Taraval St & 32nd Ave / broken windows

Reported 2:57 am / 1200 9th Ave / identity theft
Reported 3:04 pm / 100 Meadowbrook Dr / identity theft
Reported 12:00 pm / 1400 38th Ave / identity theft

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 1:00 pm / 100 Escolta Way
Reported 11:16 am / Sloat Blvd & 22nd Ave
Reported 12:25 pm / 3200 20th Ave
Reported 2:00 am / 1500 39th Ave
Reported 12:25 pm / 3200 20th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 9:28 am / 2000 33rd Ave / white 2001 Ford F250
Reported 8:34 am / 1300 48th Ave / gray 2015 Ford C-Max
Reported 10:59 am / 1200 36th Ave / white 2011 Ford F250

Traffic Collision
Reported 9:00 pm / 800 La Playa St / Vehicle vs Vehicle – hit & run