Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Wed – March 31, 2021

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** Date of reported incidents are not always the same as date of occurrence. ***

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11:37 pm
1900 Ocean Ave
Officers responded to a report of a robbery. The victim, a food delivery driver, reported that she had just parked her car and unlocked her trunk to make a delivery when the suspect drove up behind her and parked. The suspect then exited his vehicle, opened the victim’s trunk and took the pizza that was inside. The victim attempted to stop the suspect, but he threateningly motioned that he was in possession of a gun and the victim retreated. The suspect then fled the area in his vehicle. 

Assault – Assault on a Police Officer – Arrested
11:37 pm
600 Head St
The victim reported that the suspect, who was highly intoxicated and under the influence of illegal narcotics, had pushed and scratched them. Responding officers located and made contact with the suspect, who was the victim’s grandchild. The suspect was detained during a struggle in which the suspect bit one of the responding officers and attempted to spit on another. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested. 

Reported 11:21 pm / 300 Victoria St / unlawful entry
Reported 8:23 pm / 100 Denslowe Dr / entry by force

Reported 3:33 pm / 1500 Sloat Blvd / stolen bicycle

Vandalism to Property
Reported 10:00 pm / 1800 35th Ave / vandalism to garage door
Reported 1:11 pm / 100 Thrift St / vandalism to property

Reported 11:05 am / 1200 21st Ave / identity theft

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 2:59 pm / 00 Zoo Rd

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 9:52 pm / 100 Font Blvd / red 2014 Toyota Venza
Reported 12:25 pm / Great Hwy & Judah St / gray 2009 Honda Civic

Traffic Collision
Reported 4:30 pm / Ocean Ave & Aptos Ave / Vehicle vs Vehicle – hit & run