Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Wed – January 05, 2022

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** Date of reported incidents are not always the same as date of occurrence. ***

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Assault – Case# 220010487
8:01 pm
1300 47th Ave
Officers responded to a fight between two roommates. The victim reported that during their argument, the suspect hit him on the head with a glass bottle which resulted in a laceration.  

Discharging a Firearm – Theft from a Vehicle – Case# 220008818
8:17 am
1900 11th Ave
Officers responded to a report of shots being fired. The victim stated that he had been inside when he observed two suspects suspiciously standing near the truck belonging to his construction worker. Believing that the suspects were attempting to steal the tools inside the truck, the victim attempted to go outside and take photos of the suspects. However, the suspects immediately fled when the victim approached them. Immediately afterwards, the victim heard a loud noise and believes that it was a gun shot.  

Robbery – Case# 220010528
8:56 pm
3000 Vicente St
The victim reported that he had been walking and stopped to chat with a male, who was sitting outside of a building with two dogs. Shortly afterwards, the victim stated that he believed that he smelled drugs emanating from the building and started to walk away. The victim then noticed that the suspect had walked out of the building and started following him in a vehicle. Shortly afterwards, the suspect exited the vehicle and approached the victim with a knife before demanding the victim’s property. The suspect then left the area. 

Assault – Case# 220009888
3:47 pm
San Jose Ave & Sagamore St
Officers responded to a report of a fight after a vehicle collision. The witness reported that the victim had been standing in the street when the suspect approached him and punched him. The victim fell on to the ground and the suspect continued to punch the victim before fleeing the area. The victim was transferred to the hospital for medical attention and did not have any recollection of the incident. 

Reported 1:20 pm / 100 Middlefield Dr / entry by force – Case# 220009515
Reported 2:28 pm / 2100 Irving St / attempted entry by force – Case# 220009684

Reported 2:00 am / 1200 33rd Ave / attempted catalytic converter theft – Case# 220008517
Reported 1:40 am / 1300 Lincoln Way / catalytic converter theft – Case# 220008476
Reported 11:15 am / 2400 46th Ave / catalytic converter theft – Case# 220009139
Reported 4:23 pm / 2100 18th Ave / stolen license plate – Case# 220009907

Reported 12:41 [m / 2300 Taraval St / fraudulent trickery – Case# 220009355

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 9:00 am / 500 Buckingham Way – Case# 226002129
Reported 5:00 am / 400 Castenada Ave – Case# 226001701
Reported 5:00 pm / Lawton St & 10th Ave – Case# 226001717
Reported 5:15 pm / 19th Ave & Pacheco St – Case# 226001723
Reported 12:37 pm / 2800 Moraga St – Case# 220010534
Reported 1:09 pm / 1400 37th Ave – Case# 220009468
Reported 8:00 pm / 3200 20th Ave – Case# 220010437
Reported 4:30 pm / 1800 19th Ave – Case# 220009929

Traffic Collision
Reported 6:45 am / 19th Ave & Rivera St / Vehicle vs Vehicle – Case# 220008664