Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Wed – March 27, 2024

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** The date of reported incidents is not always the same as the date of occurrence. ***

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Battery – Case# 240194679
1:12 pm
Lincoln Way & 25th Ave
The victim told the officers that he was driving when the suspect started tailgating him. The victim told the officer that he stopped at the intersection and the suspect got out of the vehicle and started yelling at him. The victim lowered his window a little and the suspect pepper sprayed him and got back into his vehicle and left the scene.

Battery – Case# 240196493
11:54 pm
1500 Ocean Ave
The victim had just come out of the restaurant when a suspect walking by without provocation punched the victim and walked away.

Warrant Arrest – Assault – Case# 240062076
7:48 am
1800 Great Hwy
Plainclothes officers conducted a search warrant regarding an incident back on 1/28/24 where the suspect had assaulted the victim because he was partially blocking the driveway with his property. After further investigating the incident, the suspect was identified, and a search warrant was conducted. The suspect was located and later arrested.

Vandalism to Property
Reported 3:10 pm / 100 Taraval St / vandalism to property – Case# 240195627

Reported 7:03 pm / 300 17th Ave / fraudulent trickery – Case# 240196045
Reported 8:47 pm / 32nd Ave & Noriega St / blessing scam – Case# 240196164

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 1:15 pm / 00 Harding Rd – Case# 246040836

Traffic Collision
Reported 8:34 am / 100 Font Blvd / Vehicle vs Vehicle – hit & run – Case# 240194390