Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Mon – Jun 22, 2015

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report ***

Warrant Arrest – Arrested
8:52 am
300 Ashton Ave
Officers responded regarding a stranger sleeping inside the victim’s vehicle. The officers met the victim and were directed to where the vehicle was located. Officers contacted the suspect and a computer check was conducted. The check revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant. The suspect was arrested for the warrant.

Restraining Order Violation – Arrested
4:33 pm
1400 26th Ave
Officers responded to call of a suspect violating his restraining order. The suspect who was already known to the officers was found loitering in front of the area where he was not supposed to be. The suspect was arrested for the violation.

Battery – Indecent Exposure – Lewd Act
7:49 pm
West Portal Ave & Ulloa St
Victim walked into Taraval Station regarding a battery, indecent exposure and lewd act incident. The victim stated that she was on the “L” MUNI LRV sitting near the rear doors. The victim suddenly felt rubbing on her legs. The victim realized that the suspect sitting next to her was rubbing her leg with one hand and playing with his exposed private part with the other. The victim got up and exited the LRV
Suspect – Hispanic or Filipino male :: 30-40 years

Assault – Arrested
9:32 am
00 Clearfield Dr
Officers responded to a possible stabbing incident. The victim stated that he and the suspect, who he has a sexual relationship with, got into an argument that became physical. During the physical altercation, he was somehow cut with a knife. The suspect was arrested.

3:48 pm
2400 19th Ave
Officers responded to a burglary incident. The victim stated that the incident happened the day before. The suspect used a crowbar to open a padlock and a door leading to the backyard. Entry to the building was from an unsecured window. The suspect stole numerous items and left the scene. During the incident, the victim’s dog was let out and was involved in a fatal accident with a vehicle.
Suspect #1– white male :: 20-30 years :: 5’11” tall :: 170 lbs. :: black hair
Suspect #2– white female :: brown hair
Suspect Vehicle – black BMW 5 series

1:12 pm
1000 Lincoln way
Officers responded to a burglary incident. The victim noticed the garage door was opened and his bicycle and generator was missing. The victim stated he may have left the side door to the garage unlocked.

1500 Ocean Ave
Officers responded to a burglary incident. The victim stated that the suspect pried opened the front door and stole some items including the hard drive to their security camera.

Burglary – Attempt
6:39 am
2800 Vicente St
Officers responded to a burglary incident. The victim stated that a suspect broke the front door’s glass. After reviewing the security footage, it was noted that the suspect never made entry.
Suspect – unknown male

8:35 pm
00 Santa Monica Way
A couple walked into Taraval Station to report fraud incident. The couple stated that a suspect had used their social security number to file the 2014 income tax.

1:55 pm
1100 Capitol Ave
Officers responded to a theft incident. The victim, a handyman, stated that a suspect had stolen a lock box containing keys to the building.

11:23 am
28th Ave & Santiago St
A victim walked into Taraval Station regarding a theft incident. The victim stated that he was on his bicycle when he realized it was a street cleaning day. He put his bicycle down on the sidewalk and left it unattended to move his vehicle. When he returned, the bicycle was gone.

Vandalism to Vehicle
Reported 7:45 am / 200 Jules Ave / white 2014 jeep Patriot / damage to door lock and doors

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 2:26 pm / Lincoln Way & Martin Luther King Dr / gray 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe
Reported 5:56 pm / 2400 20th Ave / gray 2005 Honda Accord
Reported 12:20 pm / 4400 Lincoln Way / green 2001 Toyota Tacoma

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 8:17 am / 1200 26th Ave / white 1994 Honda Accord
Reported 11:36 am / 1800 15th Ave / white 2005 Nissan Altima

Vehicle Accident
Reported 8:40 am / Santiago St & 17th Ave / Veh vs Veh