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New Pedestrian Safety Improvement Implemented on Sloat Boulevard

From Supervisor Katy Tang’s October 2013 Newsletter:

Along with city and state officials, community members, WalkSF, and Principal Ishibashi and students from Lowell High School unveiled the newest pedestrian safety improvements made to Sloat Boulevard. One noticeable improvement is a new mast-am traffic beacon located at Sloat Boulevard and Forest View Drive. The High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) beacon system is the first of its kind in San Francisco and only the second in California. Other improvements of the intersection include an extended median, bulb-outs on three cones, pedestrian countdown signals, ADA-compliant curb ramps, high-visibility crosswalks and additional streetlights.

Future improvements will also be made at two additional intersections – Everglade Drive and Constanso Way and 23rd Avenue. For more information see Public Works website.

hawk_systemHow the High-intensity Activated crossWalK works (HAWK) beacon works:

1). The signal is activated by a pedestrian trying to cross Sloat Boulevard.

2). When the beacon starts flashing yellow, it wars drivers that a pedestrian is about to cross.

3). When the beacon turns into a solid red, drivers must stop for a pedestrian. Pedestrians will see how much time they have to cross Sloat Boulevard with a new pedestrian countdown signal.

4). When the beacon is flashing red, drivers can proceed through the intersection with caution.