Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Fri – Aug 12, 2016

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Assault – Arrested
3:01 pm
2300 24th Ave
Officers responded to a report of a domestic incident.  The victim reported that he telephoned the suspect to end their relationship, which resulted in an argument over the phone. The suspect then went to the victim’s home and pursued the argument outside the victim’s apartment. During the argument, the suspect angrily pushed and slapped the victim across the face.  Responding officers arrived and after further investigation, the suspect was arrested.

Threats – Arrested
2:56 am
800 Irving St
Officers responded to a report of a suspect threatening people with a knife. Responding officers spoke with the victim, who reported that he was just threatened and identified the suspect. The victim stated that he was having a conversation with a witness when the suspect approached and began aggressively threatening him. Officers detained the suspect, who continued to aggressively challenge and yell at the victim during the process. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.

Vandalism to Vehicle – Arrested
8:00 pm
200 Lakeview Ave
Officers responded to a report of vandalism. The victim reported that he was walking to his vehicle when he noticed the suspect, his neighbor, acting erratically in the middle of the intersection and throwing things around.  The victim approached the suspect and asked him to “calm down” before getting into his own car. After victim entered his car and while sitting in the driver’s seat, the suspect produced a sling shot and shot a projectile at the victim’s window causing it to break.  Responding officers located the suspect and arrested him.

Reported 8:04 am / 300 Sloat Blvd / gardener shed broken into
Reported 10:39 am / 300 Gonzalez Dr / window latch broken

Reported 8:34 am / 1300 10th Ave / bicycle stolen from common area garage
Reported 3:40 pm / 3100 20th Ave / unattended items stolen while using atm

Vandalism to Property
Reported 9:59 am / 1200 Great Highway / broken window
Reported 3:50 pm / 600 Lincoln Way / driver side mirror damage

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 9:28 am / Ocean Ave & Dorado Ter