Taraval Station

Warning : Theft of Tools from Buildings Under Construction

We have been receiving an increased number of reports regarding stolen items from homes that were under construction, especially concerning the theft of building supplies and tools.  Please remember that with a construction project, there will be an increase of activity and an influx of foot traffic around the area as well as large items such as tarps, building materials and scaffolding where it’s easy for a stranger to easily slip in and go unnoticed. 

When a home becomes a construction site, the likelihood of a burglary increases dramatically. Burglars and thieves are looking for anything that will be profitable to them. Make sure your contractor and their team cleans up after each day’s work. Their tools need to be safely locked up with the bigger item securely fixed to another large, preferably immobile, object.

Also make sure to secure the building so it’s harder for the suspect to gain entry. Temporary access to the main dwelling, such as tarps covering missing windows, doors or wall openings, should be considered major security issues as they can be an attractive opportunity for burglars.  Adding additional security lights around the location may also help deter robberies. 

As always, please contact the police if you notice any suspicious or out of the ordinary behavior in your neighborhood!

911 or non-emergency 415-553-0123