Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Sun – October 09, 2016

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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9:38 am
00 West Portal Ave
Officers responded to a report of a theft. Responding officers spoke with the victim who reported that the suspect entered the store and selected several items before walking to the counter and asking for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. The victim retrieved the items but kept a hold on them while waiting for the suspect to pay for his purchases.  The suspect suddenly reached over and forcefully removed the items from the victim’s grasp and fled the location with the stolen merchandise. 

Warrant Arrest – Traffic Violation – Arrested
12:03 am
Victoria St & Holloway Ave
Officers observed a vehicle with out a rear license plate. The officers conducted a traffic stop and a computer check on the driver revealed that he had a warrant for his arrest. The driver was arrested for the warrant.

8:52 am
2600 23rd Ave
Officers responded to a report of an assault. The victim told the officers that he was outside his house when an unknown suspect ran up to him and hit his legs with a metal pipe. After striking the victim, the suspect fled the location.

Battery – Arrested
2:20 am
1300 40th Ave
Officers responded to a report of a couple in a physical altercation. Responding officers spoke to the victim who reported that she and the suspect had an argument earlier about the cost of a trip. The victim stated that she was upset but the suspect wanted the victim to go inside and grabbed her to push her into the house. The victim pushed against the suspect, causing both of them to fall and the victim hit her head. The suspect responded that they had been drinking earlier and confirmed the argument over money. While the victim started to walk away, the suspect stated that he “bear hugged” the victim and the victim pushed him down. After further investigation and input from a witness, the suspect was arrested. 

Battery – Arrested
8:43 pm
Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Responding officers spoke with the victim, who reported that she had an argument with the suspect over his illegal narcotic usage. The victim tried to reach into the suspect’s pockets to retrieve the narcotics but the suspect pushed her away, causing her to fall to the ground. The suspect began to walk away and the victim tried to follow him but the suspect turned and pushed her again. This time, the victim fell and struck her head on the stairs. The suspect refused to offer any information or make a statement about the incident. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested. 

Battery – Arrested
12:40 pm

Officers responded to a report of sudden and loud screaming, from a female. Responding officers arrived at the location and observed a male victim with recent abrasions on his neck and arms and a female suspect crying and screaming while walking away.  Once calmed down, the suspect stated that she had an argument with the victim and she hit him. The victim responded that they had an argument but the suspect pushed him. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.

Reported 8:37 pm / 1200 16th Ave / unlawful entry

Reported 7:03 pm / 3300 Judah St / items stolen from garage
Reported 2:31 pm / 500 Ortega St / items stolen by invited guest
Reported 7:03 pm / 2900 San Jose Ave / shoplifting

Vandalism to Property
Reported 11:05 am / 200 Sagamore St / damage to house
Reported 12:16 am / 300 Vernon St / vandalism to vehicle

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 3:22 pm / 500 John Muir Dr
Reported 2:10 pm / 1700 16th Ave
Reported 2:25 pm / Claremont & Ulloa St
Reported 1:05 pm / 22nd Ave & Irving St

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 6:53 pm / Irving St & 27th Ave / black 1996 Nissan Maxima
Reported 10:08 am / 1500 40th Ave / white 2016 Ford F150
Reported 10:22 pm / Lunares St & 8th Ave / white 1996 Honda Civic

Traffic Collision
Reported 9:21 pm / Taraval St & 37th Ave / Vehicle vs Property
Reported 8:26 pm / 41st Ave & Lincoln Way / Vehicle vs Pedestrian