Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Wed – October 12, 2016

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Shoplifting – Cited
7:28 pm
3200 20th Ave
Officers responded to a report regarding a shoplifting incident. Responding officers met with the department’s loss prevention agent who stated that the suspect picked up five articles of clothing before entering a fitting room. The suspect was then observed to be empty handed as he left the fitting room. Upon inspection, the fitting room only held two items.  Loss prevention confronted the suspect as he exited the store and located the missing merchandise in the suspect’s backpack. After further investigation,  the suspect was cited.

Driving without License – Towed
6:32 pm
Plymouth Ave & Sadowa St
Officers were on patrol and conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. Officers made contact with the driver who stated he did not have a driver’s license and that he was recently cited for driving without a driver’s license. The driver was cited and the vehicle was towed.

Restraining Order Violation – Arrested
7:54 am
400 Ralston Ave
Officers responded to a report regarding domestic violence. Responding officers met with the victim who stated that he got into an argument with the suspect and he wanted police present while the suspect gathered her belongings and leave. Officers conducted a records check on the suspect and it revealed that the victim had a valid restraining order on the suspect. Officers arrested the suspect.

Warrant Arrest – Arrested
9:03 am
2100 24th Ave
Officers responded to a report regarding an outstanding warrant. Officers made contact with the suspect’s parole officer who requested that the officers to take the suspect into custody and transport her to JCC. Upon arrival, officers met with the suspect who attempted to immediately flee. Officers handcuffed and were in the process of escorting the suspect to their patrol vehicle when the suspect resisted and attempted to break free from custody. After being successfully placed inside the vehicle, the suspect began kicking at the window until it shattered.  The officers transported the suspect to JCC without further incidents.

Traffic Violation – Cited
7:26 pm
San Jose Ave & Lakeview Ave
Officers were on patrol and observing traffic violations. Officers observed a vehicle passing a stop sign without coming to a complete stop. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver stated he did not have his proof of registration or insurance information. A records check on the driver revealed that his driver’s license was suspended. The inquiry of the vehicle also revealed that the driver was not the registered owner of the vehicle and the vehicle registration was expired. The driver was cited and the vehicle was towed.

Reported 7:17 pm / 200 Monticello St / Forced entry
Reported 12:55 am / 2500 23rd Ave / Unlawful entry
Reported 4:28 pm / 200 Brentwood Ave / Forced entry
Reported 12:11 pm / 500 John Muir Dr / Unlawful entry

Reported 3:29 pm / 200 West Portal Ave / Theft of personal belongings
Reported 7:20 pm / 2000 Irving St / Shoplifting
Reported 10:51 am / 100 Cambon Dr / Theft of personal belongings
Reported 1:17 pm / 3900 Geary Blvd / Pickpocket

Vandalism to Property
Reported 9:32 pm / Byxbee St & Garfield St / Vandalized vehicle
Reported 7:08 pm / 2600 44th Ave / Tampered door
Reported 11:18 am / Montana St & Capitol Ave / Vandalized vehicle

Reported 1:03 pm / 300 Moncada Way / Impersonation

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 3:32 pm / 1900 47th Ave
Reported 5:05 pm / 700 Rolph St
Reported 12:11 pm / 36th Ave & Vicente St

Traffic Collision
Reported 8:42 pm / Ocean Ave & Brighton Ave / Vehicle vs vehicle