Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Sun – Jan 22, 2017

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Driving without Valid License – Cited
5:29 pm
Judah St & 20th Ave
Officers were on patrol when they observed a vehicle making an unsafe left turn, failing to yield to oncoming traffic and nearly colliding into several vehicles. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and a records check on the driver revealed the driver’s license had been expired. The driver was cited.

Carrying Concealed Weapon – Arrested
6:02 pm
Taraval St & 26th Ave
Officers responded to a report regarding a person with a knife on MUNI. Responding officers spoke with the MUNI operator, who advised them that the suspect was still onboard. Officers detained the suspect and a search revealed that a knife was located in the suspect’s pocket. A computer check of the suspect revealed that he was on two separate probations for robbery. The suspect was arrested.

Battery – Domestic Violence – Arrested
6:09 pm
1300 9th Ave
Officers responded to a report regarding a domestic violence incident. The victim stated that she and the suspect got into an argument earlier. During the argument, the suspect pushed the victim and then spat on her. Responding officers investigated the incident and determined that the suspect was the dominant aggressor in the situation. The suspect was arrested.

Violation of Restraining Order – Cited
2:07 pm
200 Minerva St
Officers responded to a report regarding a restraining order violation. The victim stated that the suspect had spoken harshly to her and also inappropriately gestured towards her. After further investigation, the suspect was cited.

Battery – Cited
1:48 am
1200 46th Ave
Officers responded to a report regarding an assault. The victim stated that she was in her room when the suspect entered unexpectedly. When questioned about his health, the suspect responded that he had just “taken mushrooms”. The victim then went to get the suspect a cup of water when the suspect suddenly punched the victim in her neck. After further investigation, the suspect was cited.

9:37 pm
Officers responded to a report regarding an incident of domestic violence. The victim reported that he and his girlfriend, the suspect, had gotten into a verbal argument about their relationship earlier and the victim requested that the suspect leave before the situation escalated. The suspect took her suitcase to gather her belongings and hit the victim three times in the chest before leaving. After further investigation, an emergency protection order was granted for the victim.

Driving with Suspended License – Cited
10:59 pm
500 Plymouth Ave
Officers were on patrol when they observe a vehicle with out a front license plate. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver stated he did not have a valid driver’s license as his license was currently suspended, which was confirmed by a computer check.  The driver was cited and the vehicle was towed.

Reported 8:08 am / 2500 44th Ave / Forced entry

Reported 7:00 pm / 3200 20th Ave / Shoplifting
Reported 12:28 pm / 1500 Lincoln Way / Trickery
Reported 1:31 pm / 300 Buckingham Way / Trickery
Reported 10:12 am / Alemany Blvd & St Charles Ave / Theft from locker
Reported 8:06 am / 4100 Moraga St / Bike theft

Vandalism to Property
Reported 5:15 pm / 23rd Ave & Moraga St / Vehicle tampering

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 11:40 am / 3200 20th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 10:04 pm / 300 Byxbee St / 2002 Silver KYMC
Reported 4:39 pm / Buckingham Way & Winston Dr / 1996 Silver Honda Accord
Reported 2:00 pm / 1300 Ocean Ave / 1994 White Toyota Pickup

Traffic Collision
Reported 1:00 am / 16th St & Valencia St / Vehicle vs vehicle