Taraval Station

Children’s Safe Zone

Children’s Safe Zone posterI often hear stories from concerned parents for the safety of their children as they travel to and from school. Incidents where their child came into contact with a person of altered mental state, intoxicated person who acted aggressively and incidents of bullying through intimidation. While many middle and high school students have cells phones, I believe there is a need to have places where a child can seek help to remove themselves from a situation. From this concept, the “Children’s Safe Zone” project was born. In partnership with business owners, children will have a safe place to enter if they are afraid or need help. Within the Taraval, corridors highly traveled by students include Irving, Judah, Noriega, West Portal and Ocean Ave. Business owners are referred, identified and vetted prior to participation in program. Businesses such a liquor stores, massage parlors etc. are excluded from program. Currently, the “Children’s Safe Zone” project is in its pilot phase. With the help of volunteer business owners, along the lower Noriega corridor, the first “Children’s Safe Zone” flyer has been displayed by Noriega Produce. Dimitri Vardakanstanis, owner of Noriega Produce, is an advocate for the program and believes it is a needed program that focuses on kid’s safety. Our hope is eventually, the “Children’s Safe Zone” project will be present along the above mentioned corridors. This project is being managed with the assistance of the Taraval CPAB. Outreach for this program is being messaged through community meetings and through our website at taraval.org.

Captain Flaherty