Taraval Station

News Release – Taraval Burglary Suspects Arrested

March 7, 2017 17-033

San Francisco Police Make Arrests in Recent Taraval Burglaries

On March 1, 2017 at 11:30 AM, officers from Taraval Station responded to a reported burglary at a residence on the 600 block of Sloat Boulevard. The resident of the house awoke to find a suspect entering his bedroom. The suspect slammed the bedroom door shut and the resident looked out his bedroom window to see that suspect was climbing out of the kitchen window and into the yard.

At about that time, a resident heard noise coming from a neighbor’s house and saw a man tumbling out of the neighbor’s window into the back yard. That suspect stood up and ran towards Sigmund Stern Grove Park, yelling, ‘Run, run, run!”

As officers began their preliminary investigation at the scene, additional officers entered Sigmund Stern Grove Park in an effort to locate the suspects. The officers noted two male subjects near the dog park area that matched the description of the fleeing suspects. Both men were breathing heavily as if they had been running. Officers detained the subjects and arranged for the witness and victim to come to the scene to determine if the subjects that were detained were the individuals who were seen at the scene of the burglary. The two subjects were positively identified.

Twenty year-old male Alexis Mancia, and forty year-old male Rene Garcia, both from San Francisco were booked for burglary in the first degree, conspiracy and possession of burglary tools. Their booking photos accompany this news release.

On February 26th at approximately 9:40 PM, officers were working in the Taraval District in response to recent home burglaries. The officers conducted surveillance on a subject who emerged from a residence on the 2200 block of 37th Avenue. They briefly lost sight of the subject until he emerged from the tunnel entry of another residence on the 2300 block of 37th Avenue. The subject, who had not been carrying anything, was now carrying a bag from which several objects were protruding.

The officers knew that many of the prior burglaries in the area were conducted by way of these tunnel entries. Believing that he had just witnessed a residential burglary, the surveilling officer alerted the other members of the team to move in and make an arrest. The first officer approached the subject as he turned the corner onto 38th Avenue from Taraval Street. The officer had displayed his SFPD star and verbally identified himself as police. The subject actively resisted arrest. Back up units arrived and eventually took him into custody.

Officers conducted an investigation and saw signs of forced entry at the victim residence on the 2300 block of 37th Avenue. They conducted interviews with the residents and collected evidence. The officers determined that the subject was on probation with a search condition. They responded to his residence, which was in the garage of the first building that an officer saw him enter on the 2200 block of 37th Avenue. During a probation search, the officers recovered several items of evidence.

Joseph Depaoli, a 40 year-old male, was later booked at Taraval Station for burglary, resisting arrest and a probation violation. Depaoli was out of jail on his own recognizance for a prior arrest and was recently released again on his own recognizance for this current arrest. His booking photo accompanies this news release.

“The officers involved in these incidents are to be commended for their quick actions in locating and identifying the suspects and for their diligent pursuit of these investigations,” said Police Chief William Scott. “Working together they have arrested three suspects suspected of burglarizing homes in the Taraval District.”

While arrests have been made in these incidents, they remain open investigations. Anyone with information on these burglaries is asked to call the SFPD 24 hour Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the message with SFPD. You may remain anonymous.

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