Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Sat – Mar 18, 2017

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Assault – Hit and Run
 7:14 pm
Lincoln Way & 30th Ave
Officers responded to a report of a hit and run. The victim reported that the suspect drove recklessly past him while traveling on Lincoln Way. Shortly after, when the victim was next to the suspect’s car, the victim confronted the suspect about his driving. The suspect responded by throwing a plastic cup at the victim’s vehicle and rear ended the victim after tailgating him. The victim attempted to follow the suspect’s vehicle but after the suspect made a sudden u-turn and drove straight at the victim, the victim stopped due to the danger. Responding officers, provided with the license number of the suspect’s vehicle, located the vehicle but were unsuccessful in locating the suspect. The vehicle was towed for the investigation.

Possession of Stolen Property – Carrying a Concealed Weapon – Probation Violation – Arrested
1:24 pm
19th Ave & Junipero Serra Blvd
Officers responded to a report of a theft of a package. Responding officers located the subject and conducted a cursory search, which revealed and package and a large knife concealed in the left rear pocket. Upon questioning, the suspect responded that he had found the package. However, the victim approached and reported that the package was his and the suspect was observed to have stolen it before fleeing the area. A computer check on the suspect revealed that he was on probation for being in possession of a weapon. The suspect was later arrested.

Threats – False Personation – Arrested
3:29 pm
Sloat Blvd & Great Hwy
Officers responded to a report of an injured person, who was bleeding. Responding officers located the person, the suspect, who was bleeding from the wrist. The suspect reported that he had been arguing with his wife, the victim, earlier in the day and when he exited the victim’s vehicle, a part of the car cut him while the vehicle was driven away. The victim, who was later located by the Daly City Police, confirmed the earlier argument with the suspect but stated that the suspect cut himself while threatening to kill the victim and her children as she was attempting to leave and end the argument. After further investigation, the suspect was escorted to the hospital due to his injuries and was later arrested. 

Reported 1:10 pm / 1200 20th Ave / forced entry to a business

Reported 9:26 am / 3200 20th Ave / shoplifting
Reported 9:21 am / 2400 Taraval St / theft of flowers by stairwell
Reported 5:51 pm / 2400 33rd Ave / theft by contractor

Vandalism to Property
Reported 9:30 am / 2600 43rd Ave / graffiti
Reported 1:27 am / 1200 Ocean Ave / vandalism to property

Reported 3:07 pm / 300 Faxon Ave / identity theft
Reported 12:23 pm / 300 Taraval St / shoplifting

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 10:46 pm / Noriega St & 22nd Ave
Reported 1:24 pm / 2600 25th Ave
Reported 3:13 pm / 100 Lomita Ave
Reported 5:55 pm / 2500 30th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 5:11 pm / Santa Paula Ave & Santa Monica Way / white 2002 Dodge Caravan

Traffic Collision
Reported 4:45 am / 900 Kirkham St / Vehicle vs Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 8:57 pm / Sunset Blvd & Wawona St / Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 10:45 pm / 700 Taraval St / Vehicle vs Vehicle