Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Sat – July 15, 2017

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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6:56 pm
100 Byxbee St
Officers responded to a report of a robbery. The victim, a photographer, was returning home from an event and dropped off by a friend. While walking to the front door, a suspect suddenly appeared and tugged on his backpack which contained his camera equipment. The victim kept a firm grip on his property but was eventually tossed on to the ground by the suspect. The suspect then forcefully pulled the backpack away from the victim and fled in a waiting vehicle.  

7:04 am
Broad St & Capitol Ave
Officers responded to a report of a robbery with a gun. The victim reported that the suspect suddenly came up to him and restrained his arms from behind. Another suspect then stepped into view while pointing a gun at him. The suspects patted the victim down for valuables before removing the victim’s wallet. The suspects then fled the location. 

Warrant Arrest – Arrested
11:53 am
600 Santiago St
An officer responded to a report of a possible runaway. Officers made contact with the subject and the witness. The officer conducted a computer check on the subject, which revealed that she had a warrant for her arrest. The subject was arrested.

Driving under the influence – Suspended Driver’s License – Arrested
12:33 pm
Noriega St & 45th Ave
Officers responded to a report of a vehicle that was driving erratically. Responding officers located the vehicle, which was parked with the engine still running, and made contact with the suspect. The suspect admitted to being intoxicated and a failed the field sobriety test. A witness stated that the suspect was observed drinking beer on the corner of the street shortly before getting into his vehicle and driving off. A computer check on the suspect revealed that his license had been suspended. After further testing, the suspect was arrested.

Robbery – Battery – Resisting Arrest – Arrested
10:48 am
00 Edgar Pl
Officers responded to a report of a robbery. The victim reported that she was walking when the suspect suddenly grabbed at her purse. The victim held tightly on to her purse and was pushed down and dragged on the ground by the suspect. A witness attempted to intervene but was also hit by the suspect. Responding officers located the suspect, who immediately ran into a nearby Whole Foods when she saw the officers approaching her. The officers searched for the suspect and located her trying to hide in the bathroom. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.  

Reported 8:34 am / 1100 Ocean Ave / unlawful entry

Reported 3:55 pm / 00 Chumasero Dr / stolen bicycle
Reported 4:37 pm / 700 Taraval St / shoplifting – cited

Vandalism to Property
Reported 1:00 pm / Santiago St & 19th Ave / vandalism to vehicle

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 3:10 pm / Lincoln Way & 8th Ave
Reported 12:00 pm / Taraval St & 26th Ave
Reported 10:30 am / 3200 20th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 10:35 am / 3200 20th Ave / green 1998 Acura TL
Reported 9:34 am / 2500 15th Ave / white 2016 Mazda CX5

Traffic Collision
Reported 5:42 pm / 19th Ave & Sloat Blvd / Vehicle vs Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 12:15 pm / 19th Ave & Holloway Ave / Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 1:15 pm / 300 Eucalyptus Dr / Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 4:00 pm / Great Highway & Taraval St / Vehicle vs Vehicle