Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Fri – July 21, 2017

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Warrant Arrest – Arrested
10:20 pm
300 Vidal Dr
Officers responded to a report of a suspect acting suspiciously around several parked vehicles. Park Merced security directed the officers to where the suspect was and the suspect was detained. A computer check on the subject revealed that the suspect had a warrant for his arrest out of Texas. The suspect was arrested.

Vandalism – Threats – Arrested
12:19 pm
1900 Ocean Ave
Officers responded to a report of vandalism. The witness reported that she was working when she observed a suspect holding a long object and hitting the windows of the business across the street with it. Officers located the suspect and after further investigation, the suspect was arrested. Later, at 7:48 pm that night, the suspect was released and went to confront the witness and threatened to harm her. The suspect fled the scene immediately afterwards.

7:41 pm
700 Taraval St
Officers responded to a shoplifting incident. The victim stated that the suspect, with a known history, was observed attempting to steal from the store. The victim confronted and attempted to detain the suspect. However, the suspect reached into his pocket and attempted to take something out of it and swing it at the victim. Believing it was a pocketknife, the victim released the suspect who immediately fled.

Battery – Attempted Robbery
7:53 pm
600 Capitol Ave
Officers responded to the Minnie and Lovie Rec Center regarding an assault. The victim told the officers that 4 suspects, previous school mates, had approached him and started to push him before one suspect punched the victim. The victim said that he didn’t want to fight the suspect and started walking away but the suspects attempted to steal his phone, which was inside his pocket, and also to take his shoes. At that point, a gym coordinator entered the area and the suspects fled.

11:59 pm
Alemany Blvd & Sagamore St
Officers responded to a report of a vehicle on fire. Officers conducted a computer check and spoke to the victim, who was the owner of the vehicle. The victim stated that somebody had stolen his vehicle, which was parked since July 19th with a key hidden outside the vehicle and that he had not checked on the vehicle since then.

Reported 11:49 am / 1700 44th Ave / theft at school

Vandalism to Property
Reported 9:21 am / 800 Urbano / vandalism to property
Reported 8:00 am / 1200 36th Ave / vandalism to property

Reported 8:37 pm / 1100 Irving St / identity theft
Reported 12:45 pm / 00 Castelo Ave / identity theft

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 9:27 pm / 1000 Great Hwy
Reported 2:40 pm / 3200 20th Ave
Reported 7:15 am / 2400 Great Hwy
Reported 6:10 pm / 3000 22nd Ave
Reported 11:00 pm / 1500 7th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 8:29 am / 2200 15th Ave / gold 2004 Chevy Silverado

Traffic Collision
Reported 4:30 pm / 100 Santa Paula Ave / Vehicle vs vehicle
Reported 11:38 pm / Garcia Ave / Vehicle vs Vehicle
Reported 7:19 pm / Great Highway & Vicente St /Vehicle vs Pedestrian