Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Wed – April 28, 2021

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report, addresses shown are the “Unit Block” where the incident took place.***

*** Date of reported incidents are not always the same as date of occurrence. ***

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Threats – Case# 210259463
9:33 am
Judah St & 43rd Ave
Officers responded to a report of threats. The victim reported that an unknown suspect had asked her for a dollar before proceeding to verbally threaten to punch her if she did not give the suspect money. The victim refused and rode away from the suspect. Shortly afterwards, the victim saw the suspect nearby but the suspect walked away from the victim without incident. 

Warrant Arrest – Arrested – Case# 210261515
10:21 pm
00 Grijalva Dr
Officers responded to a report a dispute between two subjects. Responding officers arrived at the location and detained the single remaining subject. A computer check revealed an arrest warrant out of San Mateo and Sonoma. The subject was arrested.

Battery – Case# 210259736
11:28 am
Judah St & La Playa St
Officers responded to a report of an incident of battery. The victim reported that she had been on board a MUNI and listening to music from her cell phone when the suspect angrily boarded the same MUNI.  The victim stated that when the suspect exited the MUNI, the suspect yelled at the victim for playing music too loud and grabbed the victim’s face which caused scratches. The suspect then walked away.  

Assault – Threats – Brandishing a Weapon – Case# 210258998
12:06 am
2800 Vicente St
Officers responded to a report of an assault. The victim reported that he had been asleep in front of a supermarket when a known suspect started an argument and threatened to harm the victim. The suspect then brandished a knife threateningly and the victim responded by pepper spraying the suspect. Responding officers located and detained the suspect. After further investigation, the suspect was arrested.  

Reported 11:59 am / 3100 Vicente St – Case# 210259792

Reported 3:49 am / 00 Alston Way / stolen catalytic converter – Case# 210259112
Reported 5:07 pm / Arballo Dr & Vidal Dr / stolen catalytic converter – Case# 216046864
Reported 3:47 pm / 3200 20 Ave / gym locker theft – Case# 210260545

Theft from Vehicle
Reported 7:30 am / 1700 25th Ave – Case# 216046858