Taraval Station

Daily Crime Report :: Fri – Nov 04, 2016

*** Not all crimes are reported in the daily report *** Date of reported incident are not always the same as date of occurrence ***
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Domestic Violence – Arrested
10:52 am
The victim reported a domestic violence incident at Taraval Station. The victim stated that he was asleep when his wife, the suspect, used his cellphone to search for inappropriate sexual content. An argument ensued when the victim  attempted to take his cell phone away and the suspect angrily lunged towards and bit the victim on his rib cage. The suspect was arrested.

Assault – Violation of Restraining Order – Arrested
3:49 pm
1400 Wawona St
Officers were on patrol when they observed a known suspect violating a restraining order. While transporting the suspect, a nearby postal worker stated that he was assaulted by the suspect who was wielding a stick. The victim also signed a citizen’s arrest form against the suspect. Officers arrested the suspect in violation of the restraining order and the assault.

Domestic Violence
7:42 pm
Officers responded to a report regarding a domestic dispute. Responding officers spoke to the victim, who reported that she and the suspect each had a beer earlier when a verbal argument ensued. The suspect accused the victim of infidelity and attempted to search for evidence on the victim’s phone. The suspect also pinched the victim on both arms while she was holding her infant and refused to leave. The victim reported that the suspect may have been under the influence of drugs as well. The suspect was arrested.

5:28 pm
1500 Judah St
Officers responded to a report regarding a domestic dispute. Responding officers spoke to the victim, who reported that she and the suspect were alone at the residence when she confronted the suspect about stolen clothes that belonged to the victim and the victim’s sister. The victim asked and was given permission to look through the suspect’s bag for missing clothing items but when the victim found a pair of her earrings and challenged the suspect, the suspect struck her twice with her hands. The suspect was cited and an emergency protective order was put in place against the suspect.

Traffic Violation – Cited
6:18 pm
Great Hwy & Lincoln Way
Officers were on patrol when they observed a bicyclist ride through a stop sign, without making any attempt to yield. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the bicyclist and began to conduct a pat search for weapons on the suspect. The suspect pulled his right hand away and into his pocket, refusing to comply to put his hands on his head while cursing and yelling racial slurs at the officers. Officers detain the suspect while attempting to identify him. After identifying the suspect, officers cited and released the suspect.

1:46 pm
700 Taraval St
Officers responded to a report regarding to a fight.  Responding officers spoke to the victim, a security guard, who reported that he observed the suspect grab an item off a shelf and immediately put it into a black backpack. The victim confronted the suspect as he exited the store and was punched in the shoulder as he grabbed the suspect’s backpack. The suspect then fled the store, empty handed. 

9:00 pm
800 Stanyan St
The victim entered Taraval Station to make a domestic violence report. The victim stated that she was attempting to “work on things” with her ex husband and frequently visited him at work despite dealing with various occasions of harassment. At times, the suspect would take her cellphone without permission or take pictures of her information and threaten to post them publicly. The victim was granted an emergency protective order against the suspect.

Elder Abuse
8:05 am
42nd Ave & Moraga St
Officers responded to a report regarding elder abuse.  Responding officers spoke with the victim, who lived at home with a husband and wife caretaker team. While the caretaker team were off on a scheduled 3 day weekend, a new caretaker was hired to step in. When the original caretakers returned, they found the victim crying for help. Adult Protective Services were notified.

9:48 pm
200 Brighton Ave
Officers responded to a report of vandalism. Responding officers spoke with the victim who reported that her ex boyfriend, the suspect, arrive with their daughter and knock on the front door. The victim, who was inside the house, then observed the suspect go to the backyard to knock on the kitchen door. While the suspect was arguing with their daughter, he broke the bedroom window before leaving and driving off in his vehicle. 

Reported 6:30 pm / 4300 Judah St / Unlawful entry
Reported 5:50 pm / 2100 12th Ave / Forced entry
Reported 7:41 pm / 100 Gonzalez Dr / Unlawful entry
Reported 9:21 am / 00 Forest Side Ave / Unlawful entry

Reported 10:44 pm / 100 Serrano Dr / False pretenses

Vandalism to Property
Reported 2:06 pm / Quintara St & 23rd Ave / Vandalized vehicle
Reported 9:07 am / 200 Winston Dr / Graffiti

Theft from Vehicles
Reported 10:19 am / 1200 Ulloa St
Reported 8:48 am / 00 Forest Side Ave
Reported 6:19 pm / Moraga St & 17th Ave

Stolen Vehicle
Reported 6:30 pm / 4300 Judah St / 1993 Black Honda Fxsts

Traffic Collision
Reported 7:00 pm / I-280 / Vehicle vs Motorcycle