Taraval Station

Great Team Work Results In Great Arrest

Between 2/8/17 1330hrs to 2/9/17 0413hrs, a white truck was stolen from the area of 18th Avenue and Taraval Street.

On 2/9/17 at approximately 0413hrs, the suspects used the stolen truck to commit a hot prowl around the area of 1200 21st Avenue.

On 2/9/17 at approximately 0546hrs, the suspects again used the stolen truck and attempted to burglarize a parked vehicle on the 1700 block of Great Highway.

Taraval SIT inspectors obtained videos of the suspect and an email was sent out to the department to see if anyone recognized the suspect.

Officer Schor, from Richmond Station, successfully identified one of the suspects.  Sgt. Anderson located the stolen pick up truck on 37th Ave and Rivera and realized that the same block was also the residence of the suspect that Officer Schor identified earlier.

Officer Ferraresi, who had contacts with knowledge of the suspect, identified the suspect.  Sgt. Scott Hom and the Taraval TNT unit, Officer Gummo, Officer Dizon, Officer Biagini and Officer Montero conducted surveillance on the suspect’s home, who was currently on probation with a search condition. Everyone’s efforts paid off and the suspect, who was still wearing the same clothing when he committed his crimes, was taken into custody without incident. A search of the suspect’s home revealed the majority of property stolen during the hot prowl burglary.

The victims identified their property and the family stated that they were very grateful for the quick response and teamwork of the SFPD.