Taraval Station

Captain’s Message: 03/09/17 Arrest of Burglary Suspect in the District (updated)

On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, members of the Taraval Station Plainclothes Team arrested Evan Underwood, a burglary suspect.

Evan Underwood was suspected of committing a series of burglaries in the Outer Sunset which occurred over the President’s Day weekend. Two independent citizens informed investigators that the suspect seen in the publicized crime alert was named “Evan”.  Sgt. John Keane of SFPD Special Victim’s Unit further investigated the case and conducted computer work up. As a result of the computer query, Evan Underwood was identified as a possible suspect in the burglary series.

Sgt Hom and members of the Taraval Neighborhood Team used investigative techniques to track down Underwood and arrested him. Once under observation, Underwood was immediately recognized as the suspect seen in the various security camera footage from the scenes of these burglaries. At the time of the arrest, Underwood was also in possession of evidence tying him to the crimes.

Underwood was booked on 4 counts of first degree burglary, all of them were categorized as hot prowls burglaries. The hot prowl burglary cases were incidents that occurred in outer Sunset. Underwood was also booked on active warrants for various other violations, including burglary.

In recent months, the members of Taraval station have shown commitment and dedication to the community we serve. When a resident falls victim to burglary, we take it personally. We believe in our role as guardians of the community and will continue to be relentless in our efforts to identify and apprehend burglary suspects.

The arrest of Underwood is another example of the value we find in partnerships. The successful arrest of Underwood was a direct result of hard work, assistance by fellow members of the department and the community taking an active role in neighborhood safety.

In response to yesterday’s burglary on the 200-block of Morningside Drive, members of Taraval station responded to the affected neighborhood and walked door to door in an effort to reach out to the community. We understand the impact crime has on a neighborhood and recognize the importance of communicating directly with the residents. Officers conducted the door to door engagement yesterday evening and early this morning. As the commanding officer of Taraval Station, I know the engagement between the officers and the community is incredibly valuable to both the officers and the residents. For those of you who were not home, officers placed safety tip flyers under front doors and mats. We hope you find this information helpful. I realize many of you did not get an opportunity to speak with us and I would strongly encourage you to reach out to me for any questions or concerns you may have. Taraval Station 415-759-3100 or denise.flaherty@sfgov.org

I will be hosting a meeting on March 15, 2017 at 6:30 at Aptos Middle School. I will be joined by SFPD Asst. Chief Chaplin, ADA Archie Wong, BOS Katy Tang, BOS Norman Yee and a representative from SFSafe. The focus of the meeting will be a discussion on burglaries and hot prowls that have plagued the Taraval district. I would strongly encourage residents to join in the discussion to voice your concerns, questions and comments to the panel of speakers.