Taraval Station

Officer Downs and Ranchin’ Vets

Everyone here at Taraval Station would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the community for the huge outpouring of support during these past few weeks. We are especially grateful for the thoughtful well wishes and concern for Officer Kevin Downs and are happy to share with you that Officer Downs has recently been released from the rehab center and will be continuing and finalizing his recovery in the comfort of his home.

Photo at 4th Annual Ranchin’ Vets BBQ

Captain Flaherty and members of Taraval Station at 4th Annual Ranchin’ Vets BBQ

In fact, this past weekend, Officer Downs was able to celebrate the 4th Annual Ranchin’ Vets BBQ!  Ranchin’ Vets is a charity co-founded by Officer Downs and his wife Corey.  Ranchin’ Vets works to welcome and support veterans while helping to transition them back into civilian life. This is achieved through a partnership with farms and ranches nationwide and a well rounded program offering mentorship, support and even a stipend for the newly employed veteran to help cover costs such as transportation and housing associated with their new job.

One particularly succient quote from their webpage is “Nobody better understands what has been sacrificed for this great land than a veteran, and nobody is better suited to care for her. “ If Ranchin’ Vets is of interest to you, please visit them to learn more or even mark your calendar to join them at their 5th Annual BBQ next year!

Rachin vet banner